CombiTile® Safety Surfacing System is a versatile solution for interior and exterior applications. The integrated technology combines CombiFlex® and CombiLock® for quick installation without the need for binders or certified installers.

With a superior critical fall height of up to 9’9”, CombiTile® is an excellent impact-absorbing system for playgrounds, water parks, and sports fields. The unique, interlocking design can serve an array of commercial applications including, fitness centers, aquatic facilities, and hotel entryways. The possibilities are endless!

CombiTile® Safety Surfacing System works for both wet and dry applications and is available in multiple colourways to complement your interior or exterior space.

5 year warranty

UV Stabilized

ADA Accessible

Chlorine Resistant

Fast drainage

ASTM compliant

CombiTile® Safety Surfacing System. Shock attenuation and drainage in one comprehensive product.

shock attenuation & drainage

The innovative design of CombiFlex® surfacing provides shock attenuation and drainage in one comprehensive product. The tiles interlock seamlessly for easy installation and are suitable for both wet and dry applications. CombiFlex® is lightweight and easy to transport making it a versatile safety surfacing solution. With finishing options such as wet pour, artificial turf, or CombiLock®, we are able to create a custom look that suits your aesthetic.

  • Easy Installation
  • Slip Resistant
  • No VOCs
  • Reduces Water Loss
  • Cooler Surface Play

Interior & exterior applications

Water Play. Playgrounds. Sports Fields.

Shock Attenuation Surfacing System

Water play surfacing

Slip resistant – Chlorine resistant

Splash pads do not have any critical fall height requirements allowing product to be installed directly onto any substrate. i.e concrete, ceramic tile, wood, asphalt etc.

  • UV Stabilized
  • Mold & Fungus Resistant
  • Fast Drainage
  • Reduces Water Loss
  • Chlorine Resistant
CombiTile USA Surfacing for Water Play.

Playground surfacing

Superior impact attenuation

Critical fall height of 2.7m tested under synthetic grass ASNZ4422. Under loose fill applications is easier to maintain, keep clean and offers permanent attenuating properties.

  • Easy Installation
  • Critical Fall Height up to 9’9”
  • No VOCs
  • ADA Accessible
  • ASTM Compliant
CombiTile USA Surfacing for Playgrounds.

Sports Field Surfacing

Fast drainage – Cooler surface play

In artificial grass applications – good drainage, cleaner surface and increased longevity; Fill, such as sand, or rubber crumb, is optional with CombiFlex system; If fill is preferred and eventually consolidates, shock attenuating properties are maintained.

  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Consistent Level of Surface
  • Shock Attenuation
  • Cooler Surface Play
  • Finish Options
CombiTile USA Surfacing for Sports Fields.

How CombiTile® works

CombiLock with synthetic grass surfacing.

This unique and patent-protected concept commenced development by the team at CombiTile® in 2016 in recognition of a need in the playground surfacing market.

The surfacing product used for attenuation in play areas must comply with standards such as AS4422:2016 in Australia, ASTMF1292 in the USA and EN1176-2008 in Europe. These standards reflect the safe fall height required by various surfacing products including artificial grass, troweled SBR, rubber matting and loose fill. The CombiFlex and CombiLock products have all achieved certification under these critical fall height standards. CombiLock has also achieved certification under ASNZ4586 – Appendix C Wet-Barefoot Inclining Platform Test.

CombiTile products are critical fall height tested and certified, and are insured for public liability and product integrity.

They are repositionable, lightweight, can be installed in all but the worst of weather conditions. They require no harmful adhesives and solvents that are a danger to the health of the play area users and installers. And they pose no threat to the environment.

Adjustable and lightweight, CombiTile® products don’t require harmful adhesives or solvents and can be installed in most any weather condition. Tiles interlock by simply hooking them together; roll mesh is then attached to the tiles. CombiLock®, loose fill bark, synthetic grass, or suitable synthetic surfaces are applied over the CombiMesh layer to form an attractive, durable, and impact-resistant surface.

How CombiTile works.


colour combination for upper and lower tiles

combitile surfacing colors
  • Dark blue / light blue
  • SIZE: 19” x 19” x 1/2”
  • Slip test: 21°

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